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Welcome to this online Bible study site!  Thanks for visiting our page.

How well do you know your Bible?

Grow in the Word. Do our Bible study quizzes.

Certificate of Completion

Bible study quiz certificate

When you do the Bible study course and pass, you will get a certificate showing your success!

This Bible course quiz will also... 

  • Test your Bible skills.  To see how well do you know your Bible.  

  • Help you grow in the Word of God and develop spiritually.

  • Sharpen your mind with these Bible quizzes and cognitive thinking.

  • Challenge you in Bible study to help you see yourself succeed and improve in God's Word.

 Test your knowledge

 and grow in the

 Word of God

Each course will have a certificate completion for those who pass.  

​We recommend taking the first course.  After successfully doing the course quiz you will get a certificate of completion.  And a report of the answers you got right and wrong.  If you liked taking the first course and want to see if you can pass the second course, then this option is available for you to do.   


We have in all 4 courses.  Each course is a little harder than the last.  Each course will test your Bible knowledge and improve your Bible learning.   ​We have a certificate of completion and the skill level shown, (for each Bible course).  


Happy studying


May God bless you as you read His Word.  :D

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The Free Bible Courses are Provided by the Bible Study Group of Tampa Bay, Florida

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